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Certification W12 Lesson 302

Circle de most suitable underlined option. If both are possible, circle both of them.

a. Tom used to live in the house at the end of the street.
b. Every evening Jack would turn on the radio and fall asleep.
c. My grandfather used to tell/would tell me scary stories at Halloween.
d. I used to like sweets much mote than I do now
e. I didn´t use to like beer.
f. She would go/used to go home and cook dinner for all of us.

Complete the second sentence so that it is as similar in meaning as possible to the first one, using the word given. DO NOT change the word given.

a. It was the local newspaper which first broken the story
b. I didn´t use to eat late when I was younger.
c. She changed her mind about going abroad this summer.
d. You should have come with us last night, we had a blast!
e. A lot of people in the country are currently out of work.
f. My grandfather would wake up and turn on the radio.

Complete the text with the following words.

Mary is in her 50s and she didn´t have the chance to go to college because she didn´t use to think it would be important someday. However, she was surprised to find out later on that a college degree is essential for getting a good job so she has decided to go back to college – she thinks you´re never too old to study, Although some of her classmates were astonished to see someone that was much older than their peers, she had a blast since her first day of the Economics course. She was amazed at how enjoyable it was and she would study hard to become a straight A student. On her graduation day she was awarded the Graduate of the Year Award because she was the best student in her class, when she heard the news she just sat therem flabbergasted Hard worj always pays off in the end.

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